The Borrower/Investor Connection

                                                                       Fix & Flip                                                                                 Borrower/Investor Win! Win!

Junction City – 2021 Duplex Before                                           Junction City 2021 Duplex After
Duplex purchased and remodeled in less than six months.  Borrower paid monthly interest only, and investors received monthly interest payments.  Borrower sold property for profit prior to completion and investors paid in full.  CGF’s interest rates to borrowers have not exceeded 8.5% annually, while providing monthly interest payments to investors with annual rates between 6% to 7.75%, as we strive to optimize borrower profitability and investor returns.    
CGF has assisted borrowers in many facets of their real estate endeavors including multi-family investment purchases, fix/flips, subdivisions, bare land, and remodeling ventures. Were always looking for real estate investments to assist borrowers and provide investors with secure real estate opportunities.  Income Tax Corner
Willful failure to report foreign accountsFederal court upheld $700,000 penalty on U.S. Citizen who didn’t report Swiss Bank Accounts.  Taxpayer argued failure to property answer questions about overseas accounts on Form 1040, individual tax return, was insufficient to prove willfulness intent to withhold information. Tax Court disagreed & Supreme Court declined Taxpayer’s appeal.
Employer leave-donation programs for COVID-19 Charities gets 2021 IRS approval for Employers who let employees forfeit paid vacation or sick days in exchange for cash payments that employer donates to charitable organizations to help victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers escape payroll and income taxes on the value of the donated leave, but they cannot claim as a charitable donation.  Employers can write off the payments as charitable contributions or business expenses.
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