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Successful Private lending stays focused on building borrower/investor long term relationships, is disciplined with offering flexible terms, creates transparent communication and stays persistent through fulfillment of each project’s exit goal of Profitability.
Rewards can be endless when borrower and private lender continue with strategic visionary planning, analysis of real estate market trends, and use of financial tools to enhance Profitability.
At CGF, Inc. we are client-centered, providing for ongoing buy/fix/hold capital, to effort client wealth building with
Successful, Rewarding & Profitable Projects.

Income Tax Corner
Michael Jackson’s name & likeness valued at death. Estate claimed value of Jackson’s name and image on Estate tax form was $3 Million. IRS argued it should have been valued at $161 Million. Tax Court criticized testimony of IRS expert and mostly sided with Michael Jackson’s estate by settling his name and image value at $4.15 Million.  (Estate of Jackson, TC Memo 2021-45).

Lucky Taxpayer keeps refund – IRS errored in mailing $491,000 check to a man in May 2017.  When IRS asked him to return money he only paid part of it back.  IRS filed suit in March 2020 to recover the remaining balance plus interest. Normally IRS must file suit within two years of paying an improper refund which begins on day check is received by taxpayer.  Both U.S. Court of Appeals and Ninth Circuit rejected IRS’s argument that statue-of-limitations begins to run when check is cashed (Page, D.C., Ariz.).
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