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At CGF, Inc. (CGF) our simple real estate loan application is a quick start to loan approval within a few days, enabling your real estate investment returns and profitability to occur as planned.  Visit our website CGF,, and with our streamlined loan process answer a few questions, submit, and funding could be in your bank by weeks end.

CGF is focused on a borrower’s  short-term goals along with assisting in planning for future investment possibilities.  We endeavor to create
an ongoing long-term borrower investment relationship.  Contact us and let’s make 2021 a year to maximize your company’s profitability.  

Real Estate- Tax Corner
COVID-19 $900 Billion Relief
Rental Assistance – Federal $25 Billion for families paying their rent. Oregon extends eviction moratorium to June 30, 2021.
Unemployment Benefits – Extends enhanced unemployment benefits for jobless workers, who will receive up to $300 per week through mid-March.  Self-employed people and gig workers will also receive extended assistance.
PPP loans – $284 Billion for Paycheck Protection Program Loans.  Section 276 of Division N provides for business expenses paid with PPP funds to be completely tax deductible.
Business Meals (Three-martini lunch) – Restores full deduction of business meals for tax years 2021 and 2022, unless extended by later legislation.  Business Entertainment continues to be non-deductible.

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www. – phone – Ken – 458-209-1484 or email
Corporate NMLS – 1913112 MLO – NMLS -1913394
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