Recently Funded Projects

Rental Purchase

Financed 86% of purchase price for borrower planning to fix up & create AIRBNB rental.
CGF took additional collateral in our group participation program to bring our Prospectus LTV to 42.809%.

Subdivision Development

Future 8 lot subdivision we financed 100% of purchase price with a 65% renovated loan to value. Subdivision in early stages of development. Projected horizontal completion in late 2022, and vertical housing single family residential homes all sold by mid-2023. CGF plans to provide additional funding for horizontal part of subdivision project.

Profitable Duplex Fix & Flip

Fix and flip financing completed on duplex. Borrower had already purchased rental property. Loan used for short term to remodel and sell. Loan to renovated value 58.2%. Borrower pre-sold property prior to completion.



Interior and exterior remodel. We financed remaining 100% of remodel for 6 months prior to borrower refinancing upon completion. 17.5% Loan to Value after remodel based on refinanced appraisal.