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With many investment markets in flux, Real Estate investing is one commodity with an excellent historical track record of increased values.  In 1855 the first real estate brokerage was established. Throughout the years real estate investments have created income streams for borrowers and investors in a multitude of ways. From 1855 real estate investing has worked to consistently be a constant value-added cash flow investment.
Borrowers – CGF has flexible programs to fit a borrower’s term loan requirements. From completing a simple one-page loan application through loan funding can take on average only 14 days. Monthly loan payments are interest only through term of loan. We want borrowers using CGF loan programs to optimize their profits on whatever real estate investment platform they choose.
Investors – CGF has real estate loan investments available for investors wanting to participate in our Group Loan Program.  This offers an investor the ability to participate in larger borrower loans by purchasing a fractional interest as low as 10% of total borrowed funds. Investors receive monthly interest payments for term of each loan they participate in.
                            CGF website has new “Projects” tab enabling viewing of most recently funded projects with photos and descriptions.
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                                                                                                                       Income Tax Corner
Time Share Program – Taxpayer owes a hefty fine for creating a bogus timeshare donation program. Taxpayer promoted a scheme to encourage individuals to donate unwanted timeshares to a fraudulent tax-exempt entity for tax savings, supported by inflated appraisals. Taxpayer owes $8.5 million in promoter penalties to the government (Tarpey, D.C. Mont.).
Here Kitty-Kitty – A very feline-friendly couple who owned a junkyard attempted to write off the cost of cat food and maintenance for housing an unusual number of cats on their property. Because the cats took care of snakes and rats that hid throughout the junkyard, making the place safer for customers, when case reached Tax Court, IRS conceded the cat cost was a valid business tax deduction.
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