Real Estate Investment Strategies

 Investors have many options to invest while endeavoring to beat inflation.  Short-term real estate lending is an excellent way to make monetary gains, which can exceed annual inflation and achieve returns greater than many other investment options.  At CGF real estate loans are secured by 1st trust deeds, where an investor becomes part of an investor group participating in various real estate loan share scenarios, and in turn receiving monthly interest payments.

Self-directed IRA’s or 401(K’s) can create optional alternatives allowing an individual to invest in real estate loans. With a self-directed IRA an investor can request their custodian purchase real estate loan shares as offered by CGF.  An Individual with a self-directed 401(K), acting as their own custodian, can also direct retirement funds be invested in real estate loans.

If looking to expand your investment alternatives CGF real estate loans are a secure, and safe option.  Visit our website at to review investor opportunities, understand private money lending, and how real estate investment strategies work.  

Income Tax Corner
Real estate stepped-up cost basis.  In non-community property states one-half of home receives a step-up in cost basis upon death of first-to-die spouse.  Example-Home purchased with spouse for $200,000 & is now worth $850,000 on date first spouse dies surviving spouse’s new cost basis would be $525,000 (one-half of original cost, plus one-half date of death value). If house was held in community property state surviving spouse receives a new cost basis equal to fair market value when first spouse dies, which in this example would be $850,000 new cost basis to surviving spouse in a community property state.

Start up business expensesFirst $5,000 of new business start of costs can be written off in first year.  Remainder of start-up costs must be amortized over 180 months.
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