Private Money Investors – Check’s in the Mail

CGF – Investor Advantage
1.     Group Participation Loans – Costs less to participate as Investor.
2.     Monthly Interest Payments – Auto Pay to Investor bank.
3.     Annual investor interest rates ranging from 7% to 9%.
4.     Security – First Position Deed of Trust Real Estate Mortgage.
5.     Liquidity – Loan range from 6 to 24 months.
6.     Self- Directed Retirement Plans can Qualify.
7.     Excellent Investor Servicing.

View CGF real estate Projects on website at We have investor group participation loan opportunities available.  

Income Tax Corner
Real Estate Development Losses
-Taxpayer owned four partially developed real estate lots, which were sold for a loss. Taxpayer did not make improvements before selling lots. Taxpayer was an attorney, not a real estate developer, and made infrequent real estate sales.  Tax Court ruled because lots were held for investment and not for sale in ordinary course of business taxpayer was required to take a capital loss rather than ordinary business loss. (Musslewhite, TC Memo, 2022-57).
Standard Mileage Allowance  – Rate for business vehicle usage will be 62.5 cents per mile for final six months of 2022. Medical travel also increases to 22 cents per mile.  
Hiring your children can lower employment tax bills – No FICA tax is due if sole proprietors, husband-wife partnerships, or parent’s one-person LLC employ their children who are under age 18. Also, federal unemployment tax is not owed on their children’s salaries until they reach 21. 
Contact Information
www. – phone – Ken – 458-209-1484 or email
Corporate NMLS – 1913112 MLO – NMLS -1913394
CGF can beat other Private money lender rates – Inquire to compare.
(July 2022)