Private Lending – Loan to Value

CGF Loan To Value Advantages
Loan Analysis using Completed Loan to Value Ratios (CLV) along with standard LTV’s.
Fix/Flip –Commercial Bldg-Remodels-Land Development achieve higher valued ratios.
Borrower upside for better loan terms using estimated completed project values.
Investors benefit with current & completed value components in their analysis.
CGF’s Most Recently Funds Projects

Remodel-Projected Flip Sept. 2022

Fix & Flip-Loan $290K – Pending at $699K

Income Tax Corner
Depreciation is a useful tool for investors – Allows deducting cost of property (excluding land) over a period of 27.5 years on residential real estate & 39 years for commercial real estate. This is known as the recovery period where depreciation can be claimed for tax purposes. Depreciation creates a tax expense deduction, on revenue producing real estate, without use of out-of-pocket cash.
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Corporate NMLS – 1913112 MLO – NMLS -1913394
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(June 2022)