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CGF is a private money lender that takes on the challenges of meeting borrower needs for funding and profitability. As in many industries there has evolved the “Price Match Guarantee”.  We at CGF are all about providing a quality product with interest rates that will match any other private money lender in Oregon. We want borrowers to know our relationship with them is focused on the long-term, from initial loan to future planning for their ongoing borrowing needs.
CGF has loan products available for almost every type of private lending Oregon real estate loan.  Commercial, bare land, fix and flip, single family non-owner occupied, multi-family, subdivisions etc.  With our streamlined loan process from application to funding borrowers can have their real estate loans closed in short order at Price Match Guarantee rates.Income Tax Corner
Retired Acting venture not a Hobby
–Taxpayer started to focus on acting after retiring from 45-year career.  IRS argued individual didn’t intend to profit from venture, due to long series of losses claimed and deducted on tax returns. Tax Court disagreed with IRS, recognizing it takes longer to achieve success in the arts than other fields of work.  Tax Court found individual had hired a casting agent, spent lots of time honing acting craft and secured roles in films and commercials. (Gaston, TC Memo 2021-107).
October 15th–Deadline for taking several actions – Final due date of individuals and calendar year C corporations on extension, except for taxpayers in federally declared disaster areas, for which due dates have been extended by IRS. Setting up SEP-IRA for business and contributing for 2020. Making 2020 pay-in to a Keogh or 401K plan established before Jan. 1, 2020.  Withdraw of excess IRA contributions.
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