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What’s Up in Oregon — Housing values with projections for 2021 to be 6 to7% more than 2020.  Housing homes inventories are at 1.1 months with average listings on homes for sale just 38 days, which equates to UP – Sales Prices & UP Sales. Up too is Oregon population at 4,289,440 with about a 1% increase projected in 2021. California however in 2020 had a population decrease which is projected to continue through 2021.

With Oregon real estate market values increasing this can equate to increased profits for real estate Borrowers and Investors. Leveraging LTV ratios generates additional funds to purchase or refinance properties needing short-term TLC and making one of those 38 day turn-a-round sales yours.  Or fix-up an existing property to generate increased cash flow creating an option for long-term refinancing at current low interest rates.

What’s Up? is getting on board with current Oregon real estate wave and using CGF as your private hard money lender to provide funding for another profitable real estate deal.  In this past week CGF has closed loans on Oregon properties which will turn into a profitable venture for both borrower and investor. Visiting CGF website- www.cgf-inc.com can get you started as a borrower or investor in making 2021 profitable. 

Income Tax Corner
Donation of Vacation Home – You don’t get a tax write-off, because you gave only a partial interest in it. And watch out for this tax trap if you also rent out the property to others. The time used by a winning bidder counts as personal use to vacation home owner for purposes of rule that prohibits a tax deduction of losses from rental real estate when owner’s personal use tops the greater of 14 days or 10% of days rented.

10% IRA  withdraw applied –  55 year old employee retired and took money in employer’s 401(k) and rolled over to an IRA. Two years later he took out $37,000 from the IRA. Because he tapped the IRA before age 59 ½ he owes a 10% penalty. Exception to this penalty for early withdraws made after leaving your job in year your age 55 or older is available only for payouts from company plans, not from IRAs (Catania, TC Memo. 2021-33).

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