Bridge to Long Term Financing


Long term low mortgage interest rates are creating a window to consider privately funded short-term bridge loans to purchase and hold investment real estate.  Renters are flooding the market presenting a great opportunity for borrower investors, and builders to become landlords.  Single and multi-family homes for rent are a fast-growing sector of U.S. housing markets.

Adjusting real estate strategies to acquire and hold rental properties for building an investor portfolio can result in additional profit potential.  Many real estate opportunities are still available to take advantage of long-term refinancing with historically low interest rates.  By acquiring real estate through a quick funded short-term bridge loan using CGF’s private lending options can enable borrower to then timely take necessary steps towards long-term refinancing.   We at CGF can do both short-term bridge loans plus assist you through obtaining long-term financing seamlessly.Income Tax
House deconstructed for charity –  Taxpayer bought residence to demolish existing home and build another one. Taxpayer conveyed structure to a nonprofit that hires disadvantaged people to deconstruct buildings and salvage materials. No recording was completed in state’s land record. Taxpayer took charitable write-off for house’s full value.  Both district and appeals tax court denied charitable write off as Taxpayer did not transfer entire real property interest precluding claiming any tax deduction for donation (Mann, 4th Cir).

Where’s your tax home? –  Attorney had law practice in D.C. and Minn. & divided time between two locales. He lived in Minn., and stayed in hotel or temporary apartment in D.C.  Tax home is generally where principal place of business in located.  Tax Court said he spent more days working in D.C. where most of his business income was derived. Work in D.C. was not temporary. Tax Court denied attorney’s write off of for cost of lodging in D.C. (Sobeyede, TC Summ. Op. 2021-31).

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