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CGF continues market share growth with investors & borrowers and looking 2022 forward with building on existing and new client relations.  Our business model makes for aggressive & smart decisions to benefit borrowers’ profitability objectives along with investor real estate security. CGF listens to borrowers, tailoring each real estate project as a best fit scenario. Ongoing investor contact   enables transparency on investments they chose in our Group Participation Investment Program. We Thank all borrowers & investors we’ve worked with and look to providing excellent services to them and others throughout 2022. THANK YOU!
2022 National House Market Forecasts

Housing Indicator 2022 Forecast
Home Median Sale Price AppreciationUp 2.9%
Existing Home SalesUp 6.6%
Home for Sale InventoryUp .3%
Mortgage RatesAvg. 3.3% to 3.6% by end of year
Single-Family Home House StartsUp 5.0%
Rental Market GrowthUp 7.1%
Oregon-Washington Home Sales GrowthUp 6.1%

Income Tax Corner
2022 Eight Most Tax Friendly States Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, & Wyoming. All have NO State Inheritance TaxStates with NO State Income Tax -Nevada, Wyoming, Tennessee, Florida—States with Lowest Sales Tax Rates -Wyoming, Florida, South Carolina, Colorado—States with Lowest per $100,000 Property Tax Rates-Alabama, Colorado, Nevada, South Carolina—States with Property Tax Breaks for SeniorsAll except Nevada. 
Donkey business Wins! Taxpayers started donkey business, kept books and records separate and hired expertsDespite nine years of claiming donkey business losses, Tax Court found activity to still be in start-up phase.  These & other facts led Court to decide taxpayer was engaged in activity with primary purpose to make a profit, so losses were allowed. (TC Memo 2021-140).
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