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If looking for private money to facilitate a short-term real estate investment strategy, and maximize profitability consider Capital Group Funding (CGF) as an option to borrow and provide quick seamless loan funding options.  CGF most recent loan from application to funding closed in just 5 business days.

Our Loan to Value (LTV) and After Remodel Value (ARV) borrowing analysis can be completed in one business day, giving borrower’s a heads-up competitive edge for buying real estate in this current and fast-paced seller’s market.

Loans by CGF provide for interest only monthly payments, ranging from 6 months to 5 years.  With excellent rates and terms this can enhance a borrower’s cash flow ability to complete projects timely, within budget, and meet or exceed projected profits.

Visit our website at to review borrower opportunities, understand private money lending, and look to Borrow Wisely.Income Tax Corner
Business Vehicle 2021 Depreciation
– If bonus depreciation claimed, the first-year depreciation ceiling is $18,200 for new and used cars.  The 2nd and 3rd year depreciation maximums are $16,400 and $9,800 respectively. Buyers of heavy SUVs used solely for business can write off full cost in 1st year thanks to bonus depreciation. SUVs must have a gross weight rating over 6,000 pounds.
Six Year Statute of Limitations – Taxpayer reported $1.5 million in capital gains instead of correct $4.9 million gain. IRS sent notice of additional taxes due after usual 3 year limitation period expired, but before 6 year limitation period when over 25% of gross income is omitted.  Taxpayer argued they did not omit all of the gain, but just understated it.  Tax Court reply to Taxpayer, Not so and six year statue of limitations applied (Pragias, TC Memo 2021-82).
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