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Loan On Future 8 Lot Subdivision                                     Funded Rental                                                                                 
   BorrowersCGF has very competitive and well-structured real estate private lending programs in Oregon.  We have processed and closed      loans on average in 14 days and in as little as 5 days.  Our loan analysis and creation of borrowing terms in less than 48 hours makes for            quick and seamless loan process. We continue to work with each borrower after closing and can make loan modifications to meet their needs.  CGF wants borrowers to feel confident their borrowing wisely to maximize each project’s profitability.

Investors with CGF received between 7% to 8% annual rates of return during 2021.  Investments are secured by first deed of trust real estate and pay interest only monthly. Investors if you’re looking to expand your portfolio in an alternative way, we recommend discussing investment options with us.   CGF has available investments that would immediately create monthly cash flow.  Some investors use their self-directed 401K or Non-traditional custodial IRA to receive non-taxable monthly interest payments into their retirement plans. Monthly payments are safe and secure by sending directly to an investor’s bank account through the ACH system.  Visit to learn more about investing wisely and confidently with CGF.
Income Tax Corner
Auto business cents per mile2022 business mileage rates have increased to 58.5 cents per mile up 2.5 cents from 2021.  Medical mileage rates increased 2 cents per mile to 18 cents for 2022.
Annual Gift tax exclusion-rises to $16,000 per donee in 2022, a $1,000 increase from 2021. You can give up to $16,000 ($32,000 if your spouse agrees) to each child, grandchild, or any person without having to file a gift tax return or tap into your lifetime estate & gift tax exemption.
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